• Alberto Ruiz

The True Price of Clothing: An Infographic

As the demand of "fast fashion" is forcing companies and manufactures to produce cheaper clothing, the output of production has negatively affected the environment, causing CO2 emissions to increase, along with an excessive use of water. As both global and middle class populations begin to rise exponentially, the demand for cheap clothing will soon surpass the supply, leading to a depletion of natural resources in the near future.

Initially, I wasn't aware that the clothing industry was engaging in environmentally harmful practices, as I thought clothing didn't require a vast amount of resources. As I began to learn the sad truth, I was inspired to create an informative infographic that sheds some light on the problem, while also revealing some ways we can help prevent wasteful practices in clothing. I found this particular subject interesting because during my research, I found out that big brands, such as H&M and Patagonia, have been transforming their supply chain and manufacturing and implementing greener alternatives, while still providing quality products. These alternatives may also become permanent, possibly pushing other companies to adopt these alternatives.

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